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Welcome to the Elkfest Archive which has sights and sounds from many a happy rut.  The archive is now closed, but will remain here for years to come as a record of some great times. 

The archive has been divided into a number of areas reflecting each of the Elkfest events over the past few years. If your lodge is not featured here and you think it should be:

a) you are a sad, sad, elk
b) send an email and, if possible, a photograph taken at a recent Elkfest, to the Lodge Porter, stating which Elkfest it was and which Lodge you belong to. Please note, however, we cannot be responsible for what you look like, so if the picture is not very flattering, it's your fault.


Summer 2002

"The best ever again"

"Thanks for a great night out again"

"I haven't laughed as much in years (since last year)"

"The music was superb (really?)"

FlyAll the above are quotes that could have been referring to the Summer Elkfest 2001 but sadly weren't, still didn't apply to Elkfest 2002.  Never mind there's always next year.  Tash problems

Despite the heavens dumping all over the Lodge, we all had a good time and my trousers are now almost dry.  Mega thanks to all who brought the food - what a good idea (was it mine? - no, I don't have those).  If you have any photos - let the Lodge Porter know and he'll arrange to put them on the site somewhere.Dance the night away...





Summer 2001

"The best ever"

"Thanks for a great night out"

"I haven't laughed as much in years"

"The music was superb"

One is not amusedI would like to thank my mother ...All the above are quotes that could have been referring to the Summer Elkfest 2001 but sadly weren't.  However, there was some feedback that indicated what a tremendous time we all had - which may be a useful pointer for some people.  Don't you just hate it when you can't remember a thing from the night before.  I sure do, well I think I do, I can't really remember.  Anyway, top notch cabaret, executive class music and a play to make Shakespeare quake in his boots.  I didn't know he was a Quaker.  Gottle of GeerLets do it again sometime ...

Bad hair dayThanks to everyone who helped out with food, props, photos, general preparation and especially to all of you who turned up and made it a very special event.What's that wide mothed frog up to?

On a bright sunny day ... 3/4 of Crimson Shadow rehearse





Winter 2001

Do you think Dave would like a drink?but just for one nightSo, the first ever Winter Elkfest.  Who'd have thought it.  Well me actually.  After much scurrying to get a Doom, then erect it, kit it out, hold the Elkfest, unkit it, demolish it, pack it up, sell it, it was all over in a flash (a flash the lasted about 2 months).  Was it worth it - oh yes or maybe.  It was certainly an unusual party, even by Elkfest standards.  The atmosphere was electric, mainly due to the damp conditions shorting out the power cables.  The heat was overwhelming, when the rocket heater was on.  The band plaand don't call me a dummy!yed on - despite the centre forward not turning up.  The final curtain call performed admirably by press-ganged volunteers as a result of absence due to the illness of a water pump.  Oh what fun we had.  And the food - magnificent.  I think I still have some of it somewhere. Do you think it's OK to eat?

Thanks to everyone who helped make the event a great success - and no, I'm not doing it again!  Roll on the summer.



"So once again welcome to Eastville".  It's all been said before.  What can I add?  After last years weather watch, we had yet another dodgy time, but all turned out jolly well - I think.  A record number of elks from Friday night onwards had a tremendous time, so much so that they almost had to be physically ejected from the Lodge on the Sunday.  Much whizzing of electrons have since followed causing plans to be made for the first ever Winter Elkfest (see elsewhere in this vast tome).  It's all so exciting.  Hopefully the Lodge will now get allocated Lottery funds to improve the facilities, especially the security fencing and outside toilets.  And what about the first ever Crimson Shadow CD?  Probably best not to talk about that too much - but if all attendees should have had a copy by now and if you were sadly absent from the festivities, you can always email the Lodge Porter for a copy (although how you are going to email 2 to cover costs I don't know).  Thanks to everyone who made it such a great event this year.  Photos this year have come from a variety of sources, but mainly cameras.  Thanks Hayden, Abby and Mike for those used so far.  Before you log up or whatever it is you do, check out the Elkfest 2000 page for Bob Kayak Bob's usual match report - I really can't understand why he hasn't progressed from the Widdington Evening Moose.  So until next time it's goodbye from him and goodbye from the little fury ball in the corner.  Which reminds me, I'm not sure who it belongs to - if it's yours, what do you use it for?


wronghole.jpg (78832 bytes)The infamous rotating reporter Bob Kayak Bob has probably said it all so there isn't much to add to the Elkfest '99 page except to say it rained.  IanFor the first time in the history of Elkfests, that irritating wet stuff that falls from above fell from above.   From the crack of midday, eyes were cast on the skies, toads cast into the saucepan and the newts were very quiet.  Shouts of "it's brightening up" were greeted with "Ian McCaskill's arrived".  Still not to worry - most elks managed to squeeze through the narrow doorways and into the main arena, although the hooves did somewhat wreck the carpet.  In the words of someone not very famous "a solid performance from the cast of thousands made this a night to remember".   It's just a shame that no-one did remember anything. Mind you, there was a rumour that the premiere of "Star Wars - Jedi Prophecy" was seen late in the early hours at the Lodge cinema "The Electric Palace".  But this was only a rumour put about by some chap who claimed he was a famousmess.jpg (21555 bytes) TV star as seen on "The Big Breakfast".  Unlikely methinks!  Maybe next year someone may volunteer to stay sober and record events so that the rest of us can find out what really goes on at these Elkfests.  Also unlikely methinks!  And finally ... thanks to the chap who normally potters with the plants and cuts the grass, but on this occasion provided the photographic evidence.  Perhaps Charlie will come along next time....



A full report is available on Elkfest '98, so if you were there, rush off now and just make sure that what you did hasn't been too accurately reported. Due to a last minute dash to the airport, our usual photographer was unavailable, but never fear, a willing substitute leapt (strolled actually) into position to capture all the action - so thanks are due to Mike of the Brighton Lodge. Somewhat bemused new members from the Bristol and Cambridge Lodges made their appearance, and we thank them all the way to the bottom of our hooves for making the effort to attend. Which does bring me onto a slightly sour note. There were a number of absentees this year, who had not provided the appropriate sick note or equivalent. This has been logged in the register, and if repeated, those lodges will be subject to a heavy fines. You know who you are, so please make every effort to attend Elkfest '99.




Elkfest '97 was a great success, which may have been partly due to the Dogs Bollocks that someone carelessly left lying around. Check out the report from the local rag which describes the event in full sensoround. Those of you from far flung lodges - just how far can a lodge be flung? - might like to try elk spotting in other photos in these elkives. How many can you spot? How many have got spots? How many are in a spot? Many elks, old and nearly old turned up and all had a jolly good rut.


The question that absolutely no-one asked was how did Wallace get in and why? Extensive research in the cinema showed a case of wrong trousers, but little else. Investigations are still ongoing but there is little hope of solving this mystery as it is believed that all tapes have now been destroyed.


We are now entering the twighlight zone as the memory is fading fast, but see if yours can be refreshed by some of the photos taken that year.


OK, no chance as to what happened way back when. Still, there is the photographic evidence as usual.

May the rut be with you

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